Risk category

During the progression of a project from start to finish, there may be situations in which the project management team and or the project management team leader will find themselves in a position in which they realize that a particular component as to the project and or a particular facet of that project does in […]

Risk Categorization

Risk categorization, in project management, is the organization of risks based on their sources, areas of the affected project and other useful categories in order to determine the areas of the project that are the most exposed to the effects of risks or uncertainties. Risk categorization can also be done by using the common root […]


This project management glossary has been created with diligence, but there is no guarantee that all definitions are accurate. Some of the terms do not appear in the current version of the PMBOK but are listed here in order to provide information about terms that might still be used. Also, please note that copying this […]

Assumptions Log

During the project lifecycle, an Assumptions Log is required to understand what assumptions have been made in the planning and management of the project. An assumption is a key piece of information upon which project plans and decisions are made. This information has not or cannot be verified and therefore is classified as an assumption […]