Project Management Knowledge

Activity Resource Requirements

Activity resource requirements are defined as the types of resources for different activities involved in a particular project management package. It also involves the quantities, amount, skill level of the resources needed to be involved in the projects. This means that the staff, budget and amount of work  as well as the other requirements needed are indicated in a resource calendar. The resource calendar refers to a schedule that allows you to keep track of the activity resource requirements.

Organizing the resource requirements of projects with a lot of resources need a breakdown structure to categorize the different supplies needed for each activity. This means that hierarchical representation of resources is needed for each type and category of activity such as the staff and skills needed for each month.

There are different ways of displaying the activity resource requirements. One of the methods used is by using a resource histogram. This is a chart that shows the resource availability for each scheduled work needed for the project. The information provided by the activity resource requirement can be used to elaborate  the different attributes of activities that you develop when creating the resource calendars of the project management package.

This term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.

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