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Activity Sequencing [Process]

The term activity sequencing refers within the context of project management to a dual process. Initially, activity sequencing involves a specific process of the identification of dependencies among a series of schedule activities. The next step of activity sequencing involves the documentation of the said series of dependencies among those schedule activities. More specifically, activity sequencing involves the chronicling the dependencies among these schedule activities and putting them into a logical order. Activity sequencing also involves a careful examination of the relationships between schedule activities and their precedence relationships, which is also provides a tangible benefit to the development of an accurate schedule. Some techniques of activity sequencing that are particularly effective include precedence diagramming method, arrow diagramming method, schedule network templates, dependency determination, and the application of leads and lags. Some outputs from activity sequencing include project network schedule diagrams, activity list updates, activity attributes updates, and requested changes.

This term is defined in the 3rd edition of the PMBOK but not in the 4th.


  1. 1 Sir please can u list with abbreviations the four task sequencing methods in project management
    2 which of the method is widely used?

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