Additional Quality Planning Tools

Quality planning is a process that involves the determination of the quality standards that are important for the project. It also involves identifying ways on how to satisfy the quality standards. Quality planning requires tools and techniques. There are different methods that are used in project management and below are the additional quality planning tools.

  • Cost analysis: Cost analysis is part of the quality planning process. It is important for projects to consider the cost tradeoffs to avoid rework and meet quality requirement, improve productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Benchmarking: This additional quality planning tool involves the comparison of actual project practices to other projects in order to create concepts for improvement as well as provide a standard that can be used to measure performance.
  • Flowchart: Flowchart is a diagram that displays different elements of the system. It is used in quality management to help the project team visualize elements involved in the project.
  • Design of experiments: It is a statistical method used to identify the different factors that influence several project parameters such as tradeoffs in cost and schedule.
  • Cost of quality: It is defined as the total cost to complete a particular product quality.

This project management term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.