Project Management Knowledge

Bidder Conference

This project management term is also called as contractor conference or vendor conference, bidder conference is defined as the meeting between the buyer and sellers before the submission of proposals or bids. It is a process of selecting vendors that can provide the services and goods to a particular project.

It used to make sure that the prospective sellers have a common understanding of the procurement requirements and that no potential sellers get special treatment from the buyer. The prospective bidders are invited to a public meeting wherein the stakeholders and the project manager will discuss what they want from the vendor. The prospective sellers are then allowed to ask questions to the project manager. The purpose of the bidder conference is to make sure that the prospective sellers have the same information from the project which they can use to prepare their proposals. This information may include the overview of the organization, qualification of the bidder, the scope of the project, minimum requirements and the deliverables. The solicited proposals from all prospective sellers will be submitted to the project manager who will conduct the procurement process.

This t project management term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.

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