Communication Models

Effective communication is very crucial in project management. In an organization, different forms of communication are relayed. The exchange of information can vary from one project to the other as well as with different stages of the project.  Moreover, there are also different elements that comprise good communication. These include the sender, receiver, message, medium, feedback and even noise.  It is important to define medium and noise as they can also affect the way the message is delivered. The former is defined as the technology used to deliver the message while the latter involves barriers or interference for good communication. So you see, even good communication has restrictions in the form of the type of medium used to deliver the message and the presence of noise.

Communications model is used in facilitating communication within the organization. By definition, it is a description or schematic that is used represent the how the communication process is performed for a particular project.

It follows a series of steps in order to deliver the message effectively.  The message needs to be encoded by the sender and should be transmitted using a medium or communication channel to reach the recipient. The recipient will then acknowledge the information and decoded it to send the appropriate feedback to the sender.

This project management term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.