Communication Technology

When planning for communications management, it is crucial for project managers to also consider using reliable communication technology. Communication technology refers to the tools, systems, and equipment that are used to transfer different information to the stakeholders of the project.

In fact, the use of technology to transfer information is very vital to address different concerns within the project.  Transfer of technology can take different forms and they can vary from simple written documents to voice calls.

There are different factors that affect the type of communication technology that you can use for the project management scheme. One of the factors is the urgency or need for the information. Urgent information should be communicated immediately using effective methods. Another factor is the availability of technology. Using communication technology that is compatible and accessible for the stakeholders is very important.

The project environment is also very important in determining the type of communication technology that should be used by the team. For instance, if the team members are scattered in different zones, the using the internet is a good way to transfer information effectively among team members. Lastly, all information channeled through different communication technology should be kept confidential among all team members.

This project management term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.