Define Scope

Scope in project management is defined as the process of obtaining information required to commence a particular project  and using such information to create a detailed description of the project and product.  It also involves knowing about the features of the product  that will meet the requirements of the stakeholder.

This process is very  beneficial as the product or service will be defined according to the requirements that will be included and included in the scope of the project. This process will also include which tools, techniques, inputs, and outputs will be depicted for a particular project.

It is important for project owners to understand that not all requirements will be included in the report and the defined scope will choose the final requirements of the project which will then develop a detailed description of the project, product, service as well as result.

Preparation of the detailed statement of the project scope is very important for the success of the project. Thus, it is important for the scope of the project to be identified and defined during the project planning.  This is to ensure that the project will be described in more detailed acuity and specificity. This will also identify or uncover any existing or hidden risks, assumptions and other problems.

This project management process is highly iterative thus it allows high-level vision to be developed for the entire project. Since it is iterative, it also means that the scope is identified and determined one iteration at a time. Thus, this usually calls for detailed planning before the next iteration is carried out before work progress can be realized. If properly executed, this process can lead to the creation of a good project scope statement and project document updates.

This term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.