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A deliverable is an input/output term that refers specifically to the unique and individual products, elements, results, or items that are produced for delivery at the conclusion of a specific project component, or at the conclusion of the project as a whole. Deliverables can come in a number of different variations. Deliverables can be in the form of a written report, which can be extremely lengthy and can encompass extensive amounts of information and data. Deliverables can also be much shorter. In some cases, the end deliverable may be a short report, a slide presentation, a poster, a short blurb, or even a slogan. In these cases, the deliverable may actually be very short, and rather than containing all information gathered over the course of a project, may contain a succinct message that is meant to represent the sum total of the information without actually presenting it directly. Deliverables towards the end of a project life are typically referred to as external deliverables, and these typically require the review and/or approval of the customer or financially responsible party. See also, product, service, and result.

This term is defined in the 3rd and the 4th edition of the PMBOK.

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