Direct and Manage Project Work

Following the guidelines of the project management plan is crucial when creating the deliverables. In fact, the deliverables are subject to the organizational process as well as constraints. When planning the project, there will be a lot of changes involving the organizational policies, procedures, work guidelines, organization infrastructure and information system.

This is the reason why direct project managers need to do direct and manage project work. This process involves leading and performing the specified tasks defined within the project management plan. It also involves the implementation of approved changes in order to achieve the objectives of the project. The benefit of the direct and manage project work is that it manages the overall project work.

Direct and manage project work is an essential part of the project integration management and it is necessary for the development of the project management plan and the perform integrated change control.

In order for it to provide management to the project work, it requires inputs such as the project management plan, approved change requests, enterprise environmental factors  and organizational process assets.

There are also certain tools involved in this process. Project managers need to use expert judgment. They also need to hold different meetings to identify whether the tasks involved in the project can help achieve the objectives of the project.

Effective implementation of the direct and manage project work is crucial because it will be the basis why the project team is able to create excellent deliverables. This process can also lead to the creation of work performance data and change requests. Update on the project management plan as well as project documents are also outputs of this particular process.

With this process, it is possible for the project managers to determine whether they need to reject, accept or defer a particular change request. It also serves as a guideline for the implementation of approved change requests.

This term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.