Project Management Knowledge

Manage Stakeholder Engagement

Manage stakeholder engagement is part of the project stakeholder management and it involves several processes that are needed to identify groups, people, and organizations that have an impact or can be influenced by the project. This particular process involves communicating as well as working together with the stakeholders to meet their expectations and needs. This process also addresses the different issues of project management as they occur. Moreover, it also fosters the engagement of stakeholders in the many activities throughout the life cycle of a project.

The benefit of the manage stakeholder engagement is that it enables project managers to increase the support or reduce the resistance from the stakeholders thereby increasing the likelihood for the project to become successful.

There are many activities that are involved in this process such as addressing any potential concerns raised by the stakeholders that have yet to become issues in the future. It also encourages the stakeholders to become engaged in the different stages of the project. Lastly, it involves negotiation and communication with the stakeholders and ensuring that the goals of the project are met.

This term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.

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