Project Management Knowledge

Management Skills

Project management involves a lot of processes and activities.  It is, therefore, important for the project manager to become competent. Managing a project team requires good management skills. Such skills are defined as the ability to plan, organize, execute, and control people or groups within the project management team to achieve the goals of the project.

Effective project managers apply different management skills in order to harmonize and coordinate people and groups towards the intended goals. With the right skills, project managers are able to do different tasks such as facilitating consensus towards the objectives of the project and negotiating agreements in order to satisfy the needs of the project and the stakeholders.

A project manager with good management skills is also able to influence his team members to fully show their support for the entire project. They can also help change the behavior within the organization  so that everyone will be focused on working to achieve the outcome of the project.

Good management skills are necessary for project management. Without it, the project leader won’t be able to lead the team members to do appropriate tasks for the project.

This term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.

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