Organizational Project Management Maturity

Organizations need to pay attention in improving their project management skills. Unfortunately, the lack of foresight produces an environment wherein the systems as well as infrastructures are not in place to support the needs of the project management community. This is the reason why the organizational project management maturity is needed.

The organizational project management maturity is the level of the ability of the organization to deliver desired outcomes in a controlled, reliable, as well as predictable manner. Simply put, a highly effective organization should implement the project management processes effectively in order to be considered mature.

There are several levels that are involved in achieving a high level of organizational project management maturity. It is important for the organization to have an effective initial process which includes the management awareness and ad hoc processes. It is also critical to have structured standards and processes that are implemented and institutionalized within the entire organization. The flow of the managed processes such as the estimates and schedules as well as communication should be effective. Lastly, the organization should be able to develop strategies on how to optimize the processes.

This term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.