Project Management Knowledge

Process Decision Program Charts (PDPC)

The Process Decision Program Charts (PDPC) is a tool that is used to understand a goal with respect to the steps required to achieve the goal. In project management, the project manager needs to systematically identify the things that may go wrong in the plan that is being developed and countermeasures are critical in preventing the problems from worsening.

The Process Decision Program Charts (PDPC) allows project manager to revise the plan to avoid any problems or leave the plan unrevised and be ready to mitigate once the problem occurs. This type of project management tool is often used before the implementation of the plan especially if it is very complex or large. It is also used if the plan must be completed within a strict schedule or when the cost of failure is very high.

To create the Process Decision Program Charts (PDPC), project managers need to develop a tree diagram based on the proposed plan. Brainstorm on what could go wrong in all tasks written in the tree diagram. Then, review the potential problems and trim those that are insignificant. For each identified problem, create the necessary countermeasures.

This term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.

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