Procurement Statement of Work

In project management, the procurement statement of work describes the item procured in sufficient detail to allow the prospective sellers to know if they have the capacity to provide the products and deliverables to the buyer. The details of the deliverable can vary depending on the nature of the item, expected form of contract and the needs of the buyer. It can also include different specifications such as levels of quantity, quantity desired, period of performance, performance data, work location as well as other requirements.

This project management element should be written in a clean, concise and complete manner. It includes the description of the collateral services that are required, such as the performance reporting or even the post operational support of the project.

It is important to take note that each individual procurement requires a statement of work. The statement of work  can be revised and refined as required as it moves through the process of procurement until they are incorporated into a signed agreement.

The procurement statement of work is created from the project scope statement, work breakdown structure and scope of work.

This term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.