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Project Team

The idea of the project team is an all encompassing concept that details and explicitly documents the entire grouping of individuals that may factor into the ultimate staffing of a project from start to finish. The project team may be determined by any and all embers of the financially responsible organization. The financially responsible person of persons who typically will be responsible for determining the project team will often times only directly be involved in selecting the person who will serve as the project team manager and or the project team leader. And then, as part of that newly anointed project team manager or project team leader’s initial round of responsibilities, that project team manager and or project team leader may be charged with the task of filling out the remaining positions available within the project team as a whole. This can include selecting specific team members with the specific tasks in mind, or rather, merely selecting a balance of team members with the idea of assigning specific tasks later.

This term is defined in the 3rd edition of the PMBOK but not in the 4th.

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