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Request for Information

Requests for information exist in many areas of our society, and typically refer to the seeking out of information by individuals from larger organizations for any multitude of utilization means on their end. The most commonly used meaning of request for information is in the context of governmental requests for information in which in individual, often times e member of the media, goes to a governmental body and files a request for information under the freedom of information act. In terms of project management, a request for in formation has a similar, but nonetheless slightly different meaning. A request for information in terms of project management refers specifically to a particular form of procurement document in which the respective buyer or purchaser places a formal request of a potential seller or offerer with a series of specific pieces of information that are in relation to a list of services or products that this particular seller may have to offer. Requests for information may or may not be made in conjunction with an estimate request, or request for quotation.

This term is defined in the 3rd and the 4th edition of the PMBOK.

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