Project Management Knowledge

Requirements Documentation

Projects cannot be implemented without the proper requirements. Requirements documentation in project management describes how each requirement meets the business needs for the project. Requirements should be measurable, traceable, consistent, complete and acceptable to the stakeholders.

There are many benefits of this particular project management output. It captures the project requirements and ensures that they meet the expectations of the stakeholders. It helps understand what is needed to produce the desired result of the project or the final product. Moreover, the requirements also help the project team plan on how they should implement the quality control for the project.

There are several components of the requirements documentation that project managers need to know and these include the traceability of the business and project objectives, rules for the organization and its guiding principles.

The requirements documentation need to follow a specific format. The format can range from a simple document that lists the requirements that are categorized by the stakeholder or it can be elaborate and contain a detailed description of the project, an executive summary, and several attachments to support the project.

This term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.

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