Project Management Knowledge

Requirements Management Plan

Project managers need to plan their requirements from the start to ensure the success of their project. All projects need changes during its life cycle. The changes often reflect the different requirements of the project thus needing to be managed efficiently.

The requirements management plan is an important component in the program management plan. It describes how different project management requirements should be documented, analyzed and managed.

It is crucial to take note that the phase-to-phase relationship influences how the project requirements should be managed.  It is the role of the project manager to select the most effective relationship for the project. The project manager also documents the approaches done in the requirements management plan.

There are different components of the requirements management plan. And these include the following:

  • Planning, tracking and reporting of requirement activities
  • Configuration management activities like how the changes should be initiated, analyzed, traced, tracked and reported
  • Requirement prioritization process
  • Product metrics used as well as the rationale for using them
  • Traceability structure used to reflect which requirement attributes will be captured in the traceability matrix.

This term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.

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