Schedule Network Templates

Schedule network templates are set of activities and relationships that have been established that can be used repeatedly for a particular application area or an aspect of the project where a prescribed sequence is desired.

The organizational knowledge base for storing and retrieving information includes schedule network diagrams along with issue and defect management databases containing issue and defect status, control information, issue and defect resolution, and action item results. In the process of sequence activities, the schedule network diagrams fall under the outputs of the process. A schedule network diagram in project management is a graphical representation of the logical relationships, also referred to as dependencies, among the project schedule activities.

It is produced manually or by using project management software.  It can include full project details, or have one or more summary activities. A summary narrative can accompany the diagram and describe the basic approach used to sequence the activities.  Any unusual activity sequences within the network should be fully described within the narrative. It also contains the logical relationships of predecessors and successors that will be used to calculate the schedule.

This term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.