Stakeholder Register

Identification of stakeholders is one of the critical processes in any project. The stakeholders are individuals, groups or organizations that may be affected by the decision, outcome or even a small activity related to a particular project.

The Stakeholder register is a project management document that identifies, assess and classifies the stakeholders of the project. It is also a document that provides information used to plan different ways on how to engage the stakeholders.

As a project management document, the stakeholder register is often subjected to many updates. The updated information on the change of the stakeholders is also noted in this particular document. The changes of updates may include the identification of new stakeholders or if the registered stakeholders are no longer impacted in or involved in the project.

The stakeholder register is one of the essential documents used as an input to create the different project management processes. Processes like the Plan Stakeholder Management, Plan Procurement Management, Plan Risk Management, Plan Communications Management, Plan Quality Management, Collect Requirements and Identify Risks all require the Stakeholder register as one of their inputs.

This term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.