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A subnetwork is a facet of a project schedule that is often showcased through illustration perhaps through a diagram. This subnetwork is a portion of project management and often created as a secondary task in relation to the original project. A subnetwork studies particular portions of a scheduled project and is relatively imperative for a success project management process within a company. A subnetwork also determines potential methods to approach the project or even how to achieve maximum results through a particular timeframe.

Often used to organize projects within a large corporation, a subnetwork allows a project to succeed in a greater capacity. Because a group of employees or team members are evaluating specific conditions of a project, maximum results are expected. This close attention to project management ensures the project schedule is held and the project is continued until completion.

A subnetwork is an organizational process created by management in order to both guide a project and ensure its success. This process of creating small groups of people who are responsible to study specifics of a project allows a large group to organize itself in such a way that the project is always successful.

This term is defined in the 3rd and the 4th edition of the PMBOK.

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