Group-decision making is a technique widely used in project management. It is used to get multiple alternatives from the project team to create future actions. There are different techniques used in group-decision making, and one of them is unanimity.

Unanimity is a decision that has been reached by everyone on a particular course of action.  As the name implies, everyone in the group should agree on a certain thing or decision. One way for the project team to reach unanimity is to use the Delphi technique. This project management technique involves selecting a group of experts to answer questionnaires or give feedback  to a particular response from each round of gathering the requirements.

In project management, this type of group-decision making technique indicates a sign of solidarity, agreement, and unity within the project team. The decision can be assumed explicitly after the vote or implicitly due to the lack of any objections. This particular group-decision making technique provides the least hassle to the project manager in terms of implementing the arrived decisions.

This term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.