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Voice of the Customer

The Voice of the Customer is a realistic tool used in Project Management. It allows you to determine what the results will be for a given industry. It doesn’t matter if you provide products or services to consumers. It takes into consideration how well customers are going to respond to what you offer.

The Voice of the Customer is very powerful so it needs to be used to the advantage of the business. It is very effective for Project Management because it allows the needs and desires of the customer to be reflected. Therefore the business can advertise in a manner that evokes such an emotional response.

When it comes to Project Management there are many different phases that have to be completed. In order for the business to be successful with each one of them the Voice of the Customer must be heard. It can ensure that the needs of everyone get met along the way. Paying attention to what customers are looking for is important as their needs will change with time. Being aware of such trends and patterns can help you continue to have a very successful business.

Further Information:

This term is defined in the 3rd and the 4th edition of the PMBOK.

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