Project Management Knowledge

Work Performance Data

The work performance data are raw measurements and observations that are identified during the tasks performed in order to carry out the project work. It is raw data that is yet to be analyzed by the project manager and team. Once it is analyzed, it becomes work performance information. This particular data, once analyzed, is necessary because it will be used by the project manager to make decisions about the status of the project and the workflow of the project work.

It includes the degree of compliance with the project management requirements. Other factors that are important in this data include the number of validation cycles performed within a given period of time and the severity of the non-conformities.

It looks into the current status of different project parameters like how much time has passed, how much was done, costs and progress of the project. This particular project management data encompasses the scope, time, costs, communications, quality, risks and procurement.

The data is collected during the execution phase of the project and is sent to different controlling processes for further analysis. It is one of the inputs needed by the Valid Scope, Control Scope, Validate Scope and Control Costs processes.

This term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.

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