Project Management Using A Logframe

The Logical Framework Approach (LFA) to project management has been around for about 4 decades. It is a method used for designing a project and aiding in planning – typically for non-profit organizations. A “logframe” document is the output of the LFA process. It clearly displays the overall design of a project using a visual […]

Project Management Process Groups

According to the PMBOK, one way project management can be defined is as a series of five process groups. These aren’t phases. Instead, each group consists of specific activities. Some of these activities may be reiterated multiple times throughout the project (e.g., for each phase). In addition, the output from one process may become the […]

Risk Management – Plan For The Best

A great deal of discussion surrounding project risk management focuses on reducing the occurrence of negative events. This is natural since we’ve all seen projects effectively destroyed by a foreseeable disaster for which a team failed to adequately prepare. The praise that accompanies a successful outcome also pales in comparison to the blame and career […]