Reducing Project Team Stress

When the project management team is trying to meet deadlines to successfully complete a project, there is sure to be a certain amount of stress. Managing stress is crucial since it could affect performance and, ultimately, the success of the project.

Believe it or not, not all stress is bad. While negative stress can reduce efficiency and take focus away from the project, positive stress can focus the team on goals and boost productivity. The aim then is to turn any negative stress into positive energy.

Certain people or small groups can interject negativity on the whole team. Address these people directly and ask them to improve their attitudes so that the rest of the team can be happier in their work. If they have a legitimate grievance let them know you are listening and deal with the problem.

As project manager you should also watch your own mood. If you are stressed, it could be affecting the whole team. Instead, be positive and upbeat letting that rub off on the team.

Take time to meet with team members individually and do what you can to boost their morale. With more confidence they are sure to be more productive.

Recognize accomplishments with positive feedback and possibly provide bonuses, prizes or awards for excellent work. Also, consider reviewing salaries if performance warrants.

Take some time to build positive relationships. Provide a time and place, away from work, and get to know each other. Remember to not talk about work.

Finally, hold frequent project management meetings to reinforce collective goals. Be positive so the team will leave energized and focused on completing the project.

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