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Author: Tom

Project Management and Innovation

How can we innovate if we stick to project management processes? Can we really plan innovation? How would it feel if a project manager created a Gantt chart with milestones that define when innovation has to be delivered? It sounds weird, doesn’t it? According to Eric Ries’ Lean Startup philosophy. we don’t need a fully-fledged […]

Data Science and Project Management II

A few years ago, I wrote my first article about data science and project management. Since then, I have done several data science projects, mostly as the data scientist myself, but as it happens, as a data scientist, you cannot just spend your time building models. In fact, you will spend most of your time […]

The History of Project Management

The pyramids. Built thousands of years ago. Huge buildings. In some cases, with very complex structures inside. How likely is it that these masterpieces were built without planning? Obviously, there must have been some planning to create the pyramids. Master builders were responsible for the completion of a pyramid, and a lot depended on being […]

PMBOK, 6th Edition and German Translation coming

The 6th edition of the PMBOK has arrived in 2017, and some definitions have already made it into our site. The interesting news here is that the Agile Alliance has contributed to the new PMBOK since more and more stakeholders are using agile approaches in their projects. This also means that this site will incorporate […]

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