Project Management Knowledge

Approved Change Requests Review

Approved change requests review is part of change control which is a project management process wherein all requests to change within a particular project is evaluated for approval, rejection or deferment. Projects are defined by its life cycle but change always happen. It is important that c the effects of changes such that the projects are maintained.

An approved change request is a type of change request that has been processed through integrated change processes. The change request is often submitted by requesters, reviewed by different parties, and approved by stakeholders of the said project.

The approved change requests can take effect at different points throughout the entire project process. It can commence at an early stage or at a much later date during the process which can affect different aspects of project management such as budget and resource planning as well as the quality of deliverables.

The approved change requests review is an important process because it lets everyone in the project know about the changes and how they can adapt to it. While it is often applicable to big changes, minor ones can be implemented by the project leader without seeking approval from the stakeholders.

This term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.

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