Colocation is a concept of placing all resources of a project within a single location. This project management term is also called as “tight matrix” and it is strategically important during the implementation of the project so that all resources are located in the same location. Examples of collocation strategies include meeting rooms, bulletin boards near the vicinity as well as other things to enhance the communication for every stakeholder of the project.

Colocation does not only help improve communication but also the relationship and productivity of the team. Once a team works or interact together within a single location, they can easily share ideas, expertise and work to produce exceptional products.

Colocation places need to have important features to help team members function well. Aside from team meeting rooms, appointment room, and even a small pantry are important to promote the sense of togetherness. Moreover, these establishments should also be supplied with the necessary tools, furniture, and equipment to help the team achieve the project’s objectives.

It is important to take note that collocation may be temporary and they can exist during the implementation of a certain project or phase.

This project management term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.