Project Management Knowledge

Communication Methods

Projects that come with a lot of communication problems often lead to frustration, delays, and conflict within the workplace. This is the reason why using effective communication methods are very important for the success of the project.

Communication methods are tools used in communication management as well as effective project management. It is a systematic procedure that is used to transfer different types of information among the stakeholders of the project. The focus of this tool is to make sure that all information created and relayed has not only been received but also understood by the stakeholders. Moreover, response and feedback from the stakeholders are necessary for communication methods.

There are different types of communication methods that are used in project management and these include interactive, push and pull communication.  All of these methods allow the project team leader to get the message across the organization as well as extract response from the stakeholders effectively.

Without the effective communication methods, it will be very difficult for the project to even move forward as the lack of them [methods] will result in the misunderstanding of the project goals and even conflict among the stakeholders.

This project management term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.

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