Project Management Knowledge

Communication Requirements Analysis

Efficient communication planning is vital to the success of the project management implementation. Within the organization, it is important for stakeholders of the project to provide the right and needed information. This is the reason why a crucial element of communication planning is the communication requirement analysis.

The communication requirement analysis is a tool that determines the information that the stakeholder needs. It is acquired through interviews, workshop and even studying the lessons learned from the previous projects.

The project management requirements are usually defined by the type, format as well as the value of the information needed by the stakeholders. It is used to create the roles and responsibilities of the project team, stakeholders, and management. It can also be used to create the organizational chart. With this concept, the resources of the project are only spent on communication methods that ensure the success of the entire project.

The communication channel is very important in the communication requirement analysis. The total number of the communication channels represents the number of the stakeholders. This allows project managers to have better control over the distribution of information thus resulting in better communication planning.

This term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.

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