Human Resource Management Plan

The success of project management relies so much on how project managers plan and manage their staff.  The human resource management plan establishes guidelines on how the human resources for project management should be defined. It also involves the staffing, managing, controlling and releasing of the appropriate human resources. Moreover, it is also involved in identifying different training strategies for developing the project team comprising of qualified and skillful team members.

The thing is that this particular process creates a guidance on how the human resources should be utilized. The role of this particular process includes  identifying the roles and responsibilities of the different positions and skills necessary for the project demands. It  also establishes the organization charts of the project which include indicating the number of people needed to complete the project. Lastly, it also involves creating a staffing management plan by establishing the time periods allocated to each project team member.

Other roles of this particular process are that it also looks into the rewards, feedback and disciplinary actions to the staff. The human resource management plan is also involved in the assessment of the team members which is necessary for the success of the project.

The purpose of this process is to make sure that the project has enough human resources with appropriate skill sets as well as experience to complete the project. It is, therefore, important to include the proper documentation to describe the processes and the human resource requirements of the project.

It is crucial to take note that projects require human resources.  Moreover, this process is also linked to the management planning of cost and time. In fact, the human resource management process is necessary for the project managers to develop an HR plan as well as effectively manage a project team.

This term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.