Issue Log

There are many project documents involved in project management.  Project documents are necessary because they provide the team with the appropriate information  to help them identify the different risks involved in the project.  It is also used to develop strategies to mitigate the problem. There are different types of project  documents that are used by project managers and one of them is the issue log.

In a project life cycle, issues will always arise that can challenge project management teams. The use of issue logs is important in documenting and monitoring who is responsible for resolving  the issues following a target date.

Another benefit of issue logs is that they can be used to facilitate communication as well as ensure that there is a common understanding among stakeholders regarding the issue. The issue resolution process is all about addressing the obstacles that can prevent the entire project management team from achieving a particular goal.   Lastly, this particular project document provides a repository for what has already happened in the project in the past as well as a platform for the communications being delivered during their entire project life cycle.

This term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.