Nominal Group Technique

The project team members need to undergo several group activities in order to identify the project as well as the product requirements. One of the most common group creativity techniques used in project management is brainstorming. But aside from brainstorming, the nominal group technique may also be used.

The nominal group technique (NGT) improves brainstorming as it incorporates the voting process to rank useful ideas. This also encourages further brainstorming to prioritize the processes. This particular project management technique is a structured form of brainstorming. However, unlike brainstorming, each participant involved in the process should provide their own input. From their input, a discussion will be made so that the inputs will be ranked according to their importance for the project. Thus, this type of creativity technique allows the participants to be more engaged in the discussion to create solutions for the key issue or problem.

The other benefits of this technique are that it allows the gathering of information effectively for analysis and evaluation as it involves everyone in the project team thus involving consensus building among the members of the project.

This term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.