Process Analysis

Process analysis, in project management, is all about following the steps that are outlined in process improvement plan. It is used to identify the necessary improvements needed in the project plan. This type of analysis looks into the problems experienced and other non-value added activities that are identified during the process operation.

This particular project management tool is used to look at different processes and determine what can be done to make them better and more effective. Unlike quality audit, the process analysis looks at the process improvement from both the technical and organizational standpoint. It examines three different things:

  • Problems that are experienced while conducting a particular project
  • Problems experienced while conducting the work of the project
  • Ineffective activities that are identified during the operation

This particular tool is often mistaken for quality audit which is basically seeing whether the team is following the defined process. The process analysis also includes root cause analysis and other techniques necessary to identify a particular problem. It also involves discovering the underlying causes that can lead to problems so that preventive actions can be developed.

This term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.