Project Management Knowledge

Process Improvement Plan

In project management, project managers need to tink of ways on how to improve the process plan. The process improvement plan is a subsidiary of the project management plan. It involves the steps used to analyze different processes to identify different activities to enhance the value of the processes. There are areas that should be considered in this particular plan and these include the following:

  • Process boundaries: It describes what the purpose of the process is. It also describes the start and end of a particular process as well as the outputs, inputs, stakeholders and other necessary information to being the process.
  • Process configuration: it refers to the graphic depiction of the processes. It is used to help facilitate analysis.
  • Process metrics: This allows the analysis of the efficiency of the processes. It also includes the use of control limits.
  • Targets for improved performance: This guides the improvement activities of the processes.

This particular project management plan is used in the development of the Perform Quality Assurance to ensure that the quality standards, as well as the operational definitions, are used to improve the quality processes.

This term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.

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