Project Management Process

The Project Manager Process is the person or persons that are used to produce the framework of a project or job. This process entails the project organization, planning of the project, and who is designated to each part of the project.
The Project Manager Processor is also responsible for ensuring that the project will be handled in a timely and in cost effective way. The job also entails making sure that the quality of the project is held to high standards for both sides.
There are many stages the Project Manager Process must follow before the project even gets started.
• Project Management Kick Off Meeting – announce project
• Project Management Objective – what the project entails and what the finished project should be
• Project Management Scheduling of time and budgeting of entire project –scheduling of stages needed and how much funding will be used for each part of the project
• Project Management Organization – who will be doing what part of the project – who will make up sub groups, teams, and what training is needed to complete the project
• Project Management Control – the control factors needed for the project
• Project Management Business Case – cost and risk factors
• Project Stage Assessment – prepare, follow up, compare, compile and review total project
The project manager’s role is a very important and can either receive a finished
project that is suitable to both sides or could main the whole project fall apart.

This term is defined in the 3rd edition of the PMBOK but not in the 4th.

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