Project Management Staff

All projects require a project management team. The project team includes the project manager as well as the individuals who work together to achieve the project’s objectives. The project management staff is part of the project team. These are people or members of the project team who do project management activities like communications, scheduling and risk management. They are also involved in making the budget, reports as well as other types of activities related to administrative support.

A lot of people often misunderstand the role of project management staff. In fact, they often interchange it with project staff. It is crucial to take note that the project staff is only responsible for carrying out activities that are necessary in producing the project deliverables. The project management staff provides support to the project team by creating the necessary plans, processes and even documents that are needed for the rest of the project team to function.

In smaller organizations, the project management team may be performed by only a few individuals. But as the organization becomes more complex, a project management office may be needed.

This term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.