Project Management Knowledge

Quality Management System

In project management, the quality management system is the organizational framework that provides structure to the processes, policies, procedures, and resources to implement the quality management plan. It is one of the aspects of running an organization as it serves as the core that impact the ability of the organization to meet the requirements of the customer.

This crucial project management element integrates different internal processes within the organization and provides the process approach needed to execute the project. Moreover, it also allows the organization to identify, measure, control as well as improve the different business process that can lead to the improvement of the business performance.

The thing is that the quality management system ensures that all the requirements of the organization are documented within the management system and kept in an appropriate location. It aims to produce records for evidence that they system requirements have been met. Moreover, it also continually monitors and analyzes the changes to the requirements and ensures that all changes will be executed. Lastly, the quality management system executes an audit that can analyze the processes and make the necessary corrections.

This term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.

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