Project Management Knowledge

Quality Policy

Strategic planning is one of the tools used in project management. It is used to establish the project quality by developing policies that state high-level goals. Thus, a quality policy is defined as a specific policy of the Project Quality Management Knowledge Area that establishes the basic guidelines and principles that govern the actions of the organization as it implements the system for the quality management.

This particular project management tool is also used by the organization to implement a project following the specific and expected levels of quality and performance. It also gives the common description of all tactical elements of the governance models which include the plans, standards, guidelines, and approaches.

The quality policy often exists as an unalterable document. It serves as the foundation for developing the project quality management plan that is made up of a series of tasks that are geared to putting the policy into practice to produce appropriate results.

To achieve successful implementation of this project management tool, other elements in project management such as the Human Resources, Processes, and Performance.

This term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.

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