Project Management Knowledge

Records Management System

The records management is an integral part of project management, as it manages the record of the organization throughout its life cycle. It is important to manage records as evidence of the activities of the organization. It is also necessary to reduce and mitigate any risks associated with the project or the organization as a whole.

The records management systems are comprised of specific sets of processes, tools and related control functions that are combined to record as well as keep any information related to the project or organization. It is used by the project manager to manage the contract, records, and procurement documentation. The system is then kept in an archive that is easily retrievable.

Not all documents are records. Records, by the definition of project management, are documents that are retained as evidence of doing a particular action. The records management system distinguishes between records and non-records (like duplicates and rough drafts) that do not need any formal management. Once a document is declared as a record, it cannot be changed and can only be disposed of following the rules of the system.

This term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.

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