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Schedule Model

Those in project management need to use a variety of tools to assist them in seeing the main task through to the end. Among these tools is the schedule model. This tool is helpful in creating the overall schedule for the project. By knowing the timing of activities and tasks, management is better able to make more efficient use of their time and that of their employees.
The schedule model proves to be most effective when used with software programs designed to analyze the schedule network. This analysis is then used by the software to create the finalized schedule which those in project management will then convey to their employees. The job of those in management is to be able to create schedules to facilitate the completion of the project.
Those in project management do not have to use a software program with the schedule model tool in order to craft a finalized schedule. There are a variety of manual methods which can be used as well. These are more time consuming, but their results are just as reliable as those from a computer software program. Whether a manual or electronic program is used, the schedule model is a critical part in generating the final project schedule.

This term is defined in the 3rd and the 4th edition of the PMBOK.


  1. Dear,
    as i understand that :

    A project’s baseline is defined as the original scope, cost and schedule. The project’s baseline must be completely defined and documented before the project execution and control activities can begin.
    New baseline is redefined as the original plan plus the approved change.

    that is mean, the re-baseline or revised baseline should based upon the original project baseline, in other words i have to revisit the approved original project baseline and implement all the changes and modification for all the activities and to approve the new revised project baseline schedule to replace the old original one , then i copy another copy to reflect all the actual data of the project in the project schedule to be compared with the new revised baseline .

    the question is could this procedure implemented in updated schedule in stead of the original baseline ???


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