To put it simply, scope is the total amount of work done to accomplish a project management team’s project. It is the sum total of all the products, requirements (or services) and outcome as one project.

In terms of project management, scope is the process needed to make sure that the project is done. In the planning process, the scope of the project is analyzed. A project’s requirements, products, and results are defined. The definition of the scope is the most vital part of project management. It helps the team know what needs to be done and what accomplishing the project will entail. Specifically, the project management team discusses the needs, risks, strategies, effort and cost.

Then, the project management team divides the project scope into short term goals to be accomplished. The project managers then assign different people to accomplish the goals.

After the scope is done, it is checked and approved to make sure the project meets the product requirements, services and results. It is the final step where project objectives are analyzed critically to make sure that the project meets the quality outcome.

This term is defined in the 3rd and the 4th edition of the PMBOK.