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PMBOK, 4th edition revisited

Earlier this year, I had reported that the new version of the Project Management Body of Knowledge, the fourth edition, could not be opened on Macintosh computers. I had written an email to the local PMI EMEA office in order to ask when this would be solved but never got an answer. This is probably not the behaviour you would expect from the PMI ūüôā

Nevertheless, in May I received an official mail by the PMI that these issues should be resolved. I had not time by now to test this in detail, but at least I managed to open the new download. I guess some stakeholders had been forgotten at the beginning of the project…

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PMBOK, 4th edition

The PMI has released the 4th edition of the Project Management Body of Knowledge, and while the members only-PDF cannot be opened by Mac computers due to an obscure plugin (which was also difficult to install on my Windows computer), this update to the third edition of the PMBOK can be regarded as an important milestone.

Some of the changes focus on removing incoherence between the different chapters, others remove conflicts with other PMI standards. The overall number of processes has been decreased from 44 to 42, and a standard approach for discussing changes and corrective actions etc has been introduced.

As a result of these changes, also the PMBOK glossary has been changed. Somme definitions have been added, others have been removed. In order to provide transparency, we will add the new definitions to our project management glossary but not delete the ones that have been removed from the PMBOK. Instead, we will add to each definition in which PMBOK editions the term has been used. We hope that this accommodates your needs.

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