Project Management Knowledge

Focus Groups

Making a decision for and with the team is difficult for project managers. Every suggestion has to be considered and consolidated. This is the reason why there are many project management tools that are used to help the project team create sound decisions. The focus groups techniques are techniques that bring prequalified stakeholders as well as experts to learn about attitudes and expectations about a particular product, result or service.

Focus groups is an interactive discussion among the people involved in the discussion. It is usually facilitated by a trained moderator or a project manager. Within the focus group, the project manager heads the decision of the entire group. The team members work towards solving the problems to achieve the goals of the group which is a completed project.

During this technique, it is important for the project manager to ask opinions from the stakeholders. The project manager usually asks open-ended questions to get the opinion of the stakeholders. The opinions will be analyzed and will be used to create important decisions in project management.
This particular technique empowers everyone involved in project management particularly the stakeholders.

This term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.

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