Manage Communications

Communication is an essential element in project management. It is not only talking to the team members and telling them what to do, it goes deeper than that. Communication is all about disseminating information using the most effective channels to ensure that the receiver understands the message. It also involves collecting the feedback from the recipients.

Successful project management relies on how project managers manage communications. Manage communication is a process of creating, gathering, disseminating, storing and retrieving of project information based on the established communication management plan. It also involves the repository of the information.

The benefit of the manage communications process in project management is that it allows efficient communication flow among the entire stakeholders of the project. Managing communications are very important because it allows the project managers to relay the information to the stakeholders and also make the right decisions based on the information.

This manage communications process requires different inputs such as the communications management plan, work performance reports, enterprise environmental factors and organizational process assets. With this process, project managers can create project management plan updates, document updates, and organizational process assets updates.

This term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.