Project Management Knowledge

Plan Human Resource Management

Planning for the human resource is a crucial project management process where it refers to the process of determining and documenting the project roles, required skills, responsibilities and relationship of the project team members. It is also involved in creating the staffing management plan.

This particular project management process is under the Project Human Resource Management  which is responsible for organizing, managing and leading the project team. It is an important process because  it helps the project manager determine the type of team members he or she should welcome based on what was indicated in the Plan Human Resource Management documentation.

The benefit of this process is that it establishes the project organization chart, roles, and responsibilities, staffing management plan such as the timetable for the staff as well as staff deployment.

The main purpose of this project management process is to create the Human Resource Management Plan for better management of the project team members particularly their schedule and work instructions.

Without it, it will be difficult for the project managers to even identify the right team members to do the tasks necessary for the project.

This term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.

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