Validate Scope

The Valid Scope is a project management process that is used to formally accept completed project deliverables. Its main advantage is that it provides objectivity to the acceptance process as well as improve the finished product, service or result by validating the deliverables. This particular process is necessary for creating different documents like project document updates, work performance information, accepted deliverables and change requests.

Since it focuses on the deliverables, the verified deliverables are obtained from Control Quality. They are then reviewed with the customer to ensure that they have been satisfactorily completed before it is received formally by the customer. The basis for the final acceptance of the deliverables is based on different outputs of the Project Scope Management Knowledge area like scope baseline and work performance data.

This particular project management process is different from the Control Quality process. While the former is concerned with the acceptance of deliverables, the latter is concerned with the correctness and accuracy of the deliverables as well as meeting the quality requirements. However, both processes are performed in parallel or side by side.

This term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.