Verified Deliverables

Verified deliverables is a project management term that is defined as the completed project deliverables that have been confirmed for accuracy and correctness using the Control Quality process. While it is one of the outputs produced by the Control Quality process, this type of deliverable is also used by the Validate Scope process as one of its inputs. The Validate Scope process formalizes the acceptance of the project deliverable that has already been completed. Simply put, this type of deliverable is needed by different processes within project management.

The verified deliverables are obtained from Control Quality. It is reviewed with the sponsor or customer to make sure that the deliverables have been completed with satisfaction and have received formal acceptance.  This particular project management process, the outputs that are obtained from the planning process through the Project Scope Management Knowledge Area becomes one of the basis for doing the validation that leads to the final acceptance of the deliverables. Other factors used as the basis for performing validation includes requirement documentations, scope baseline, and the work performance data from the Knowledge Area.

This term is defined in the 5th edition of the PMBOK.